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Friday, October 25, 2013

A Gypsy Wagon to Japanese house

I'm pulling out some sculptural pieces which I've enjoyed making, and am now ready to let them go to new homes.

I've featured this totally ceramic wagon before, here.

And a more architectural form, also for a different kind of housing...found around buriel mounds,
the Japanese traditional Haniwa House, simplified
More information of the history can be found here.


These will be featured in my sale during the Open Studio tour "Blue to Black" on Nov 16-17, 10am-6pm.

Their future homes will offer these sculptures a sense of appreciation, perhaps a ritual of kindness, and an energy exchange to reward my hours of effort (at least at a reasonable artist's rate).  What, you don't know what artist's receive for their efforts?  Well, I'm not going to be a starving artist, so please think of how much you think my work is really worth.  Then we'll eat at a local restaurant and leave a big tip for someone who indeed makes a "living wage."

Incidentally, the Haniwa house would work well outdoors.  It is stained bisque-ware, rather than glazed.  The little Vardo Wagon has glaze which won't fade probably forever, and might work just great next to a bird feeder on a railing.  Whatever may be your fancy!

Come see what other potters are doing HERE at Mud Colony blog.


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    1. Thanks Gary. I'm enjoying your great animals every day which you post.

  2. First time that I've seen the little wagon. I love the details! I recently made an outhouse and have to say that I really enjoyed making it! I'll have to try more...the sky is the limit, I'm guessing! Good luck at your sale!


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