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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mountains & Mud, and ducks too

The only difference from my header picture on 
is that this snow frosting is about a month later.  I did want to point out the Blue Ridge Parkway cutting across the leftmost two peaks, where you see a straight horizontal line .  Good ole engineers building roads!

Maybe this view is clearer.

And I have been in the studio every day for the last week.  Yesterday I even cleaned my own studio at home, and cranked up the expensive heat and worked there for a few hours.

Here's what last week's work produced.

This is an early version, before I sculpted the bikini top (bra?) and her fingernails, and did her nose and lips a bit better.  I'll try to remember to carry camera today to take a final greenware version for you.

Happy to share at Mud Colony.  Come over there to see other potters!


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