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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Penland and Odyssey

Amyrillis progress report, noon, Jan. 9,2013

 Penland in the rain in the winter.

Penland School of Crafts, Winter 2012 (raindrop on lens,The Pines in the background left, Clay Studio right)

Penland winter 2012 - This is the dining hall, called The Pines
Odyssey Studio, closed for the holidays
We drove by Odyssey, in Asheville, to check out the rumour that they were closing.  They were closed for the holidays, and I have since then determined they are still in operation.  The Clay Club held an Olympics there for their meeting January 9.  Notification of this event wasn't published until this week, and that's too short a notice for me to go to things.  But they do have a meeting the 2nd Wed. of the month, usually.  I should just pencil it onto my calendar, because they have great pot luck food, along with the camaraderie of professional potters in the area.

Blogger keeps saying it has made errors.  I'm quitting trying to blog today.


  1. Blogger is going very slow loading post pages for me, of course I have an old desk model computer I am using, but still and all, who knows.

    I hope to get to Penland one of these days, would love workig with a group of potters in a community environment again. Potlucks are so much fun. Today I'm going to a basket weaving workshop with a potluck which should be fun.

    1. Yes, I think blogger is out of synch. As I mentioned in comment on your blog, enjoy merging the medium of organic materials and clay...can't wait to see your inspirations.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, but just the entrance of Odyssey...not much of a tour. But seeing 2 places people learn clay in one post!

  3. Blogger sure is cranky this morning! Nice tour of Penland, someday I will make the pilgrimage.......
    Oooooo amaryllis is so close!

    1. Wait till you see tomorrow's pic of the amaryllis! It's open! Yes, may you enjoy Penland soon!

  4. That side view of The Pines is showing my bedroom for a couple of weeks in the summer. Ahh, home.


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