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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coming Home

So here's the important part of coming home.

It's hard to tell that this picture is in one part of the state or another, but for me it's the first glimpse of a mountain straight ahead.

Whow...look at those clouds over the pass.  Will I get smacked with another rain storm?  (I exited the highway at a Mt. Airy exit earlier, and got turned around getting onto I-40 west.  It just felt like I was going east for the first 5 miles)
Not a bad shower, but left windshield a bit wet as I went slowly around the switchbacks of Swannanoa Gap.  Notice I'm driving over in the truck climbing lane...and there wasn't a single semi on it!
I hope Linda Starr sees the highway right here in Black Mountain that has the Blue Star honor of American Ex-Prisoners of War.  I dare say half the people that live here have no idea that's the name bestowed upon our "State Street" or Hwy 70 as it comes into town.

I turn past the primary school on Richardson and love the yellow flowers and yellow busses together, seen through the reflections in my car windshield.

And I'm so happy to see my little cottage is sitting here waiting for me, and my friend Tim has mowed while I was away.  What a sweet feeling!  Home know.


  1. How cool, I told Gary one time I was thinking of changing my name to Blue, you know how actresses change their names, but I didn't ha. Those mountains are beautiful and what a cute cottage you have. Everytime I see your mountains I miss living in the mountains, one day.

    1. Well, come on up and see me sometime! (There are lots of great B&B's here...I don't have a guest room, as you can see!)

  2. oh but I spell my name with two r's. ha


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