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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Elements - Water

Flowing water.

Standing water.

Infiltrating, sinking water.

Soaking water.

Floating on water.

Drinking water.

Living water.

Needing water.

Drying water.

Singing water.

Flooding water.

Moist, drippy, surging, pulling, waves, rivulets, dammed, channeled, connected, frozen, boiled, steam, cascades,

In the west of directions, when a circle of the elements is cast during rituals...  Connected to intuition and dreams.

With clay turning into slip, a blend between pure liquid and solid.  

Making glazes pour, spray, drip and brush onto the pot...then drying.  

Evaporating is a miracle.  Water that was there a minute ago has vanished.   Yep, there's another alchemy happening right before my eyes.
Diamond Jubilee for Elizabeth II

Doug Fitch is a master of "slipware"  at 
so here's one of the best of his jugs...(in Diamond Jubilee pot, someone else did the carving, and I am unable to locate his name.  Doug has switched to posting just videos lately)

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