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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

bird on nest stirrup handled jug

A bird in the hand is maybe worth an experimental creation resembling the ancient jugs of Peruvian potters.  My hands were dedicated to the effort, though many modern shortcuts were taken.

Well, the slips didn't come out of the bisque with much color.  And there were some cracks around the base of the handles.  I applied some Bisque Fix there, and it's drying, and will be sanded down soon.

This pot is purely decorative, and I could paint it again with acrylics, so the red iron could look a bit more orange.  And I could darken the black copper slip also...make it real black.

But again, I hesitate.  I kind of like the rough coloration.  I might just put some wax on this little gal, bird on nest.

What do you think?

I apologize to the spirits of those ancient talented potters who made stirrup jugs by hand, with much more symmetry, balance and coloration...and pit fired as well.  They were true geniuses, geni? 

I enjoyed the task of making this jug by hand, with slab coils for the body, head, tail and nest.  I admit the handle is extruded.  Slip decoration is red iron oxide and black copper oxide, both mixed with the same white clay body (Little Loafers clay from Highwater).

The painted design is just a whimsey, and not meant to replicate any exact designs of Mesoamericans.  I just wanted to get the feel that the painted slip designs have.


  1. I think it fantastic! I would not do anything more with the colors :)

  2. I would probably add some deco on top of interior deco, but that's just me and sometimes I tend to overdo stuff, it is lovely. What is the bisque fix? Curious as I have had so many pieces that needed fixing and hated to throw away.

  3. Thats a really cool piece Barbara; I love it just like it is.

  4. You've done a superb job on this piece, Barb! Please don't change a thing on it!!!!!! I think it's one of the best things you've done to date. Thanks for sharing. -Rosemary

  5. Thanks for your comments...I guess I won't continue working on it, besides smoothing out the bisque fix on the cracked areas (which you can't see in the photos anyway). Glad to know what my fans like!


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