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Monday, April 9, 2012

half of beautiful

Some visual comments about nature as inspiration... these are mainly tests of the snowflake glaze, so aren't intended to be half what a real flower can be.  But half of beautiful is something, yes?


  1. mighty pretty glaze and mighty pretty kitty!

  2. Those are some pretty pretty flowers, - might I borrow the idear?

    And the glazes are sublime, - simply love them

    1. Sure, clay flowers has an ancient history...enjoy, and let me see them when you've done yours! The little hairy things are using a garlic press, in case you didn't know that trick yet.

  3. Thank you, I´ll let you know, when i get some finished.

    Playing with the thought of making big flowers for the garden. Love the idea of colorful flower growing in the empty garden during the winter months. Need to make the flower so that the rain doesn´t collect with risk of frost destroying the flowers.

    Thanks for the tip with the garlic press.


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